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Our Firm

Fradelakis & Co. CPA's LLC has evolved over the years. It began thirty years ago with Andy Fradelakis as the sole owner and CPA. Since then, it has grown to service over over a thousand individuals and hundreds of businesses each year. It offers a wide variety of services and its employees pamper their clients with excellent support, consulting, and care. 
The CPA's here at Fradelakis & Co. are determined to give you the best tax advice available to help you make the most financially beneficial decisions possible. They pride themselves on their ability to work through complex situations to bring you the service you require from a professional firm. They know just how daunting a task overcoming the complex tax law can be, and they are prepared to help you in any way possible.
That's not all they do though - they provide great care to all their clients, whether the client has a large operating business or simply gets a W-2. Their goal is to make all their clients as happy as possible. This company has the potential and the drive to become everybody's first choice to prepare their taxes and assist with all of their business needs.
Take a look at our service offerings or contact us directly to see how we can give you the attention and devotion you deserve.
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