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We'll be adding many more financial calculators / useful tools as time goes on, so be sure to check back periodically! And if you have any questions about the tools, just let us know!

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A loan amortization schedule will help you figure out the monthly payment you will need to make on a loan or mortgage. It will also tell you how much of each payment goes to principal and how much goes to interest.

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The withholding calculator will help you determine whether you should keep or change the number of allowances you gave your employer on your Form W-4.

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The social security calculator will help you plan your retirement. It will calculate how old you will be at the crossover points if you choose early retirement, regular retirement, or late retirement.

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The tax brackets calculator will help you determine what your tax will be at the end of the year. It has tables for federal and state tax and can actually combine the two for a comprehensive tax bracket table.

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The payroll allowances calculator will estimate how much extra money you will receive or owe at the end of the year based on your current allowances you have claimed. It will assist with your tax planning for the year.

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This website will explain what the benefits of opening a 529 College Savings Plans are, and will help you calculate the difference in earnings between a 529 plan and a standard savings account.

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